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“Samsonite (A luggage manufacturer company), in collaboration with Google, recently launched a backpack that is made with touch/gesture sensitive fabric which can perform many smartphone actions”

Image: Forbes

“Smartphone vendors are aiming for cost-cutting, by not bundling earphones with device, some are not giving chargers too these days! Oops, Sorry! The latter ones, care for ENVIRONMENT!”

Source : NewsBreak

All of a sudden, there’s a stir amongst Indian app developers, startup founders, and stakeholders about considering the idea of India’s own App Store that would directly compete with the top 2 App Stores, owned by Google & Apple

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“Removable batteries were very usual in smartphones a few years back, almost every brand bundled that, except Apple

Picture: Google AI Blog

“Artificial Intelligence is the ultimate buzzword and smartphone indutry is incorporating the same in their devices!”

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“No matter what’s the price and brand, Smartphone is a depreciating asset!!”

Picture: CrackBerry

“Blackberry is set to launch its 5G smartphone in 2021 with the old-school QWERTY keypad!

Anand Ruparelia

Smartphone Tech Geek | Computer Science Student

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