Control your smartphone with a backpack!

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“Samsonite (A luggage manufacturer company), in collaboration with Google, recently launched a backpack that is made with touch/gesture sensitive fabric which can perform many smartphone actions”

“Konnect-i backpacks” is the name of the backpack that is launched by Samsonite and is equipped with Google’s Jacquard technology that makes fabric respond to your touch!

PS: Prices — $200 for slim & $220 for standard!

Project Jacquard by Google is launched out of Google ATAP (Advanced Technology & Projects) which is Google’s hardware invention studio where many experts are working on new ideas & technology for bringing them to reality through finished products!

Project Jacquard is dedicated to integrating technology and fabric for giving a digital experience on people’s clothing!

Let’s talk more about the Konnect-i backpack!

It’s a normal backpack with some “smart threads” on the left shoulder strap, made with “smart fabric” that can control the “smartphone” of a “smart guy” like this sloth!

Too much smartness Uh! Check out this video & come back to this article,

The strap support gestures such as “Brush Up”, “Brush Down”, “Double Tap” and “Cover”, so basically it’s a technology that can control your smartphone without taking it out of your pocket!

It can perform actions such as (Some may require headphones though!)

For Music: Play, Pause, Next, Previous, etc

Accepting/Rejecting calls/text, turn by turn directions, and taking a selfie too! You can configure the actions with the Jacquard app!

This tiny little module does the job:

Source: TechCrunch

You’ve to charge the module with a micro USB cable and slide it in the place of the left shoulder strap, it vibrates when correctly installed!

Well, Apart from this Project Jacquard has also catered to a Levi’s Trucker Jacket, one has to put the device in the jacket cuff and it will detect the gestures!

Image: Cool Hunting

Well, the product concept and idea seem exciting here but the same things can be done by a smartwatch!

Earlier, Technology used to solve real problems but these days, it seems it’s more towards providing luxuries and that extra-ease of living, which is not needed for everyone!

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