Don’t fall into this smartphone TRAP!

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Let’s admit to this statement,

“No matter what’s the price and brand, Smartphone is a depreciating asset!!”

Smartphone vendors these days are launching their latest smartphone models at regular intervals!

You often hear about some X model of Y smartphone brand getting launched with their best features to date packed in that model, advertised so well that you almost fall in love with that model & coincidentally you’re also in search of a new smartphone! BINGO!

The model is launched,

But, it’s over-priced than your budget!

Here’s where most of the people are trapped! What happens next?

A) They buy that smartphone by breaking their budget because they don’t bother as long as they’re getting that “hyped smartphone” in their hands!


B) They don’t buy that! But wait, this is not happening in most cases!

Here’s where the “EMIs” (Easy Monthly Installments) play the game!

The person who took the decision of not buying that over-priced smartphone takes a U-turn and buys that damn toy on EMIs, thinking that he/she got a great deal!

But, BOOM!

After 3/6/12 months the same smartphone brand comes back with their best features again in an upgraded model with only a few toppings changed on the dish but costing more than the one you purchased!

This is happening with every smartphone brands and price ranges (low, mid, & high). They keep on pushing new models for staying at the top of the market as well as to trap customers!

(Well, it's their business plan and nothing illegitimate with it!)

But interestingly most of the people fall into this hype by-

  1. Ads— This captures more and more customers by constantly hammering in the consumer’s minds, their new models, and promising that this is the ultimate product!
  2. YouTubers/Social-Media Influencers — Well, it’s their business and they are that’s why they’re named as “Influencers” but they’re also not to be blamed!

Due to this, unknowingly, people buy expensive smartphones that are either out of their budget or out of their plan too, and the majority of these people are belonging to middle-class families or freshly graduated students, who just got their jobs and got some self-earned money in hands for the first time!

Here’s my take:

  1. A popular smartphone reviewer, “GeekyRanjit” in his video gave a tip, that if you’re going to buy a smartphone,

Think, Whether you are able to pay the full price for it at one go?

If yes — Then buy! But don’t go for EMIs! As it’s just a psychological trap that our brains fall into because we feel that we are not paying the full amount now, but anyway we are paying the full amount at the end, right?

PS: I’m not against EMIs! They’re great but only when you’re buying what you really need!

2. Get your “priority list” on the table before choosing any smartphone model!

Write on a sheet of paper, what you expect out of a smartphone, based on your usage pattern! And then, decide the model, don’t do it the other -way round else you would be spending money on some really unwanted specifications that you won’t use at all in the future!

3. A smartphone is a depreciating asset!

No matter the brand and price you pay for a smartphone today, due to the rapidness of technology-upgrade, your smartphone would be outdated in 2–3 years!

And, just imagine, if you try to sell that after 2 years, What would you get?

I’m sure it would be around or below half of the price you paid!

And if you purchased it on a 1 or 2 year EMI,

HaHa, you would be paying installments for the toy which is already outdated!

So, don’t fall into this trap and don’t buy a piece of crap!

PS: The views are personal and not for maligning any brand or industry!

References: GeekyRanjit




Smartphone Tech Geek | Computer Science Student

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Anand Ruparelia

Anand Ruparelia

Smartphone Tech Geek | Computer Science Student

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